3 min readNov 7, 2020


Beginning OSCP Preparations

This has been a really trying year for many people, including myself, and beginning next Saturday, I will start preparing for a long awaited attempt at one of the more difficult certification goals I have wanted to embark on for a while now…the OSCP. The pre-preparation anxiety is already in full swing, and I have had to come to terms with a lot of harsh realities these past few years I wasn’t really mentally prepared for.

Between the loss of my father’s business, the COVID diagnosis my mother received, a layoff, and my 16 year old brother-in-law almost dying in a car accident, things have been nothing short of brutal on my end.

However, I have also realized that some of us have a more difficult path towards success and even though I pulled myself out of homelessness to having an associate degree as a network specialist, I really haven’t gone where I would have liked with my goals.

Anxiety has taken a huge toll in many areas of my life and affected how I handle and view many things in regards to the world, but I did manage to seek help and am still working on coping strategies to handle some of the problems I have faced.

I guess you could say that part of the reason I love technology so much is because it tends to be a personal endeavor when it comes to learning.

With that aside however, my daughter is now a teen, my son has started school, and I have feel I should continue to work towards my financial goals of providing them with a better life. It’s never a guarantee that will actually happen, but at the very least, it shouldn’t stop me from the pursuance of personal progress. In terms of work, while I’m not in my field of choice and I certainly don’t earn much, it’s still a paycheck. It’s more then a lot of people have right now.

With that said, I need to start working on a study routine and have a plan in place for my notes, techniques, do’s/don’ts for the upcoming exam and finding time to study behind a 40 hour work week, which is going to be rough.

I am excited, yet nervous to start this journey, since I tend to feel less ‘educated’ then my peers, but I always somehow manage to face obstacles with grace (including failures, not just successes), so it’s important for me to get these feelings out in the open.

I have another 40 hours to look forward to, with a holiday season coming up in a retail environment.

Plans so far:

  • Review the OSCP play-lists/resources I have, while looking for more
  • Re-activate my HTB account for that sweet, sweet, VIP access
  • Review current trends in infosec related vulnerabilities
  • Speak with friends/peers who can help discuss errors and techniques
  • Ensure goals I set are realistic in a non-toxic learning environment
  • Create a scheduled plan for study, play, work, labs and research
  • Review the syllabus and look at areas where I’m lacking
  • Focus on weaknesses and look towards improving them
  • Notify my boss that I will be taking a very thorough exam soon
  • Allow myself time to digest, breathe, relax and sleep when needed

I think this about covers the basics of everything I need to prepare in advance (although advice is always appreciated). I will slowly be writing about my journey and experiences once the official track begins!

Here we go! It’s really happening! I’m so excited!




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